Best times tables apps for kids

Teaching children their multiplication tables can be a challenging affair; however, these innovative and interactive apps have made learning much more engaging and effective. We will explore a variety of times tables apps that are designed to help children master multiplication through captivating games, music, and competitive elements.

Introduction to times tables apps

Times tables apps play a vital role in the educational landscape by making repetitive learning enjoyable and efficient. These apps offer a range of functionalities from tracking progress to providing entertaining game modes, ensuring that children remain interested while reinforcing their mathematical skills.

Best times tables apps

Learning times tables can be a daunting task for many children, but modern technology offers exciting and engaging ways to make this process enjoyable. Apps designed specifically for mastering multiplication skills use interactive and fun methods to ensure that kids not only learn but also retain what they have practiced.

Squeebles Times Tables

Squeebles Times Tables

The Squeebles Times Tables app stands out with its colorful and friendly interface. Designed to make learning fun, it offers:

  • Six different game modes to provide varied practice sessions.
  • Reward characters to encourage children as they improve their scores.
  • Progress tracking for parents and teachers to monitor improvement and identify areas needing attention.

Hit The Button

Hit The Button is an energetic math game that keeps kids engaged while testing their knowledge on various aspects of math, including times tables. Features include:

  • Quick-fire questions that challenge speed and accuracy.
  • A range of topics such as number bonds, doubling, halving, and square numbers alongside multiplication and division facts.
  • A competitive element to motivate children through high-score tracking.

Maths Rockx

Maths Rockx combines music with math to captivate children’s interest. Key elements of this app are:

  • Integration of popular tunes to help memorize times table sequences.
  • An upbeat learning environment that replaces traditional rote memorization.
  • Opportunities for both single and multiplayer gameplay, enhancing motivation through friendly competition.

Times Tables Rock Stars

Times Tables Rock Stars

Highly reputed among schools, Times Tables Rock Stars employs a gamified approach to learning. Notable features include:

  • Sequential mastery, allowing kids to tackle one table at a time before moving to the next.
  • Customization options to create a rock star avatar, making the learning process personal and exciting.
  • Collection of ‘coins’ used to purchase new accessories and backgrounds, providing continuous engagement and rewards.

Times Table Mountain

Times Table Mountain

Times Table Mountain blends adventure with education. Some of its features include:

  • A storyline where players climb a virtual mountain by correctly answering multiplication questions.
  • A mix of easy-to-difficult questions ensuring comprehensive coverage of all times tables.
  • Interactive maps and challenges to keep the learning journey intriguing.

Times Tables Hero

This app targets heroes in the making who want to excel at their times tables swiftly. It offers:

  • Intensive, timed challenges designed to test speed and accuracy simultaneously.
  • Personalized difficulty settings to match the user’s proficiency level, offering a tailored learning experience.
  • Visually stimulating graphics geared towards maintaining interest and excitement.

Top picks for specific needs

Adaptive Learning: DoodleMaths Times Tables

DoodleMaths Times Tables

DoodleMaths Times Tables adapts to a child’s individual learning pace. Key attributes include:

  • A variety of question types to solidify understanding from multiple angles.
  • Adaptive testing that identifies mastered tables and emphasizes those needing further work.
  • Recommendations for the next steps based on performance data.

Minimizing distractions: Mr Thorne’s Times Table Terra

Mr Thorne’s Times Table Terra

For children who benefit from a focused environment, Mr Thorne’s Times Table Terra provides:

  • A space theme that’s visually appealing yet minimally distracting.
  • Inclusion of higher-level multiplication challenges beyond the basic 12 x 12 tables.
  • Planet earnables that serve as regular incentives for consistent practice.

Daily practice: 10 Minutes a Day Times Tables

10 Minutes a Day Times Tables

From DK publishers, 10 Minutes a Day Times Tables employs short bursts of practice aimed at maximizing retention. Features comprise:

  • Difficulty levels that increase progressively, keeping pace with the child’s development.
  • Mixed time table challenges to ensure versatility in problem-solving.
  • Time efficiency, fitting into busy schedules while still delivering substantial educational value.

Simplicity and effectiveness: Maths Loops – Time Tables

Maths Loops focuses on simplicity and efficacy for quick learning. Main features are:

  • A straightforward interface that prioritizes rapid access to practice questions.
  • Randomized question sequences to test true mastery rather than mere order-based recall.
  • Multiple-choice answers surrounding the main query to enhance quick thinking and response.

Why mastering times tables is essential

Understanding times tables up to 12 x 12 is a foundational aspect of mathematics education. Mastery in this area enables children to easily tackle more complex arithmetic problems and enhances their overall mathematical fluency. Modern educational standards recommend that students know these tables by the end of Year 4.

Key features of top times tables apps

Different children have different learning styles and preferences, so selecting the right app involves considering which features best match your child’s needs. Whether it’s through immersive games, structured daily practice, or distraction-free environments, there’s an app designed to help every child conquer their times tables with confidence.

Interactive game modes

The most successful times tables apps include various interactive game modes to keep learners engaged. These modes not only make learning fun but also cater to different learning preferences and paces.

  • Squeebles Times Tables: Features six different game modes with numerous character rewards.
  • Hit The Button: Offers quick fire questions on number bonds, times tables, halving, doubling, and division facts.

Progress tracking and customization

Monitoring progress is crucial for both educators and parents to identify areas where children excel and where they need additional practice. Many apps come equipped with tracking tools and customizable options.

  • The main exercise: Provides multiple-choice questions or the option to type answers, allowing personalization based on the child’s current learning stage.
  • Integration of rock star characters: Children earn virtual money to buy items for their custom rock star avatar when practicing times tables and division facts.

Innovative approaches to learning math

Blending music and math

Music can significantly enhance learning experiences, and some apps ingeniously merge musical elements with mathematical concepts.

  • Maths Rockx: This app inspires kids by combining math and music, presenting times tables in a unique, upbeat manner.

Motivational competition

Introducing a sense of competition can motivate students to learn more effectively. Several times tables apps leverage this concept.

  • Times Tables Rock Stars: Children can participate in single or multiplayer games, advancing through ranks like Busker, Rock Star, and Rock Legend based on their performance.

Why children benefit from mastering times tables

Foundation for advanced topics

Knowing times tables fluently allows children to tackle more complex mathematical problems with greater ease. Such a foundation is essential for their overall academic progression.

  • The new curriculum aims for children to know all times tables up to 12 x 12 by the end of Year 4.

Enhanced problem-solving skills

Proficiently knowing times tables equips children to handle a wider array of mathematical operations quickly, thereby boosting their problem-solving capabilities across different subjects.

Choosing the right app for your child

Consider your child’s learning style

It’s important to select an app that aligns with your child’s preferred way of learning. Whether they enjoy game-based activities, competitive challenges, or musical integrations, there’s an app suited to every preference.

  • For gamified learning: Squeebles Times Tables offers rich, interactive environments.
  • For musically inclined children: Maths Rockx provides a rhythmic approach to math learning.

User-friendly interface and parental controls

An effective times tables app should have an intuitive interface that’s easy for children to navigate. Parental controls allow monitoring and setting restrictions on app usage.

  • Some apps provide detailed reports on incorrectly answered questions to aid ongoing learning and improvement.

With a variety of times tables apps available, learning multiplication can become a much more engaging and productive experience for children. By considering the unique needs and interests of your child, you can choose an app that makes mastering times tables not just a necessary milestone, but an enjoyable journey. As children gain confidence in their multiplication skills, they lay the groundwork for success in broader mathematical disciplines and beyond.



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